53 Interesting Ideas of Small Kitchen Decor

Small kitchen. Today we have for you some ideas in pictures of decoration of small kitchens. Being a time of crisis in many countries, people decide to buy a small property with the sole purpose of fulfilling their dream of having their own home.

Unfortunately, this means that the rooms are not large. The limitations of space in the kitchen can create discomfort every time you sit down to eat.

Small kitchen Decor

By changing storage options, playing with colors and arranging different objects in the right place, you can make your small kitchen perfectly habitable. Try to furnish your space to make your kitchen cozy and well planned, does not look too small and uncomfortable. In case you are interested in this topic, then we will try to give you tips and explanation in detail how to decorate a small kitchen.

The first thing to do is make sure you have the furniture and appliances by hand. In a small kitchen, you should use only useful items and possibly multiple uses and of course they are of the right colors. Daily use devices such as toasters and blenders in striking red tones can shine with their design. Try to incorporate the best possible storage.

If there is little you can use the hooks to hang baskets on the wall where to store things and other utensils. You can then install shelves to create more space for storing jars with spices, kitchen containers, small appliances and cooking utensils. Eliminate unnecessary objects and devices, a good idea is to give them or sell them.

Keep only devices that are used and have different functions, such as blenders or kitchen robots. Another tip we have for you is to install transparent curtains to allow the entrance of light and illuminate the room. For an even more luminous room you can place a large mirror to reflect the light or two mirrors on the opposite walls.

A trick and a pretty effective way to make the room look bigger is to use special mirrors. Brighten your room with little touches of color, but they are not too flashy. Multicolored tiles, perhaps painted by hand in their favorite tones, will give more light to the kitchen. The important thing is not to always use the same color. If you need more space for the kitchen area, an island with wheels could be a great solution as it can be moved anywhere. Now we leave you with our photos of small kitchens to inspire you.

Small kitchen images



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