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Retro vintage kitchen. The word vintage comes from French and was used in the wineries to name the wines of the best harvests that over time improve their taste and quality. Over the years the idea began to be extended to other products that when over time goes up its class and improve the flavor.

Retro vintage kitchen decor

In our time when we say something vintage is actually referred to as retro vintage kitchen. These creations are trying to recreate or imitate old products that are still appreciated or appreciated. Other products are truly old like dresses from previous years collections or second hand sneakers. In this sense, the retro vintage kitchen favors the recycling since products that were considered old fashioned return to the present without being excluded. People who resort to retro vintage kitchen have the habit of preserving old objects because with all the incessant changes of trends, they can regain any value at any time.

Vintage is based on, quality is often handcrafted products or with high level raw materials, exclusivity are usually products that were manufactured in small quantities and this makes them even more prized, the story the value it promises The passage of time and the style with which the refined taste is associated. Knowing the pillars of this style and the contribution you can make to the environment is impossible that you do not choose a fabulous retro vintage kitchen. To help you with this we have prepared for you some ideas presented in inspiring photos especially for you.

From bold design options to affordable and modern gadgets, everything is in your hands. Incorporate nostalgic style into your kitchen. This style is perfect for people who are open to the classic playful with a hindsight when it comes to design. Whether you are thinking of complete kitchen remodeling or simply looking for ideas to change the design of it here you will find the best choices of period decorations to choose from. We should not forget that antiquity refers to an object that are more than 100 years old and the vintage style is a reference to a specific time, for example the 1920s.

One of the simplest ways to decorate a kitchen with vintage designs is with kitchen utensils and accessories. Blenders, coffee makers, toasters and small appliances are all available in vintage styles, often with the era’s special designs from the 1950s and 1960s in a range of bright and eye-catching colors like yellow, green, orange and red. From paintings and engravings from the 1950s to the publicity and political posters of the modern Impressionist World War II era, works of art can add great visual interest to any kitchen design.

For the walls use white tiles that are very retro you can also opt for tiles with drawings that besides decorating your kitchen will give you depth and unique character. Use unique and beautiful tiles for your kitchen theme, or you can opt for simple single color tiles to elegantly frame the fixtures and appliances. The tiles are not only designated to the walls for the floor you can also use them. The classic hydraulic mosaic is back in style at the time, but the atmosphere is now refreshing, but now with all the innovations and ideas with ceramic materials, it will give a personal image to any kitchen.

These are pieces of pigmented cement, which gives resistance to color and although it will wear or a spike will drop when it falls, it maintains its color. You can find it in geometric sequences but study the rest of the details well when using this mosaic. Another idea is the monochrome white brown yellow that gives you the opportunity to add decorations of different designs. The worn look that we look for in the pieces will be the differential touch that will turn the walls and floors of our kitchen into an authentic work of art.

Combining the blues, indigo, brown, creams with the skin, sackcloths, stripes, wood, metallic, and endless endings. If you want a kitchen with a natural look you can complete the retro vintage kitchen with floral prints, which is one of the main referents of the shabby chic style. The more smiling and colorful the motives, the better effect you’ll get. Other colors that can combine very well with the reigning white are green and yellow, although always in light shades.

In this type of environment the color of the original wood looks very good. Kitchen furniture as we all know plays a very important role. Pay close attention to auxiliary furniture. Look for furniture with a glass cabinet with glass doors and to which you can place some curtains with prints to complete the image of the kitchen. Choose the same ones for the window to go to the game. Try to change the handles of your furniture by dark elements in light colored furniture for example so you will give them a special touch of rustic style.

Carefully choose the dishes for your vintage kitchen a dishwasher also flowery, always with colorful touches will look great. The decorations can be very different depending on your taste. Find the inspiration in the following photos of retro vintage kitchen.

Retro vintage kitchen images





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