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Kitchen design ideas. As you will have noticed in our first image today we will be talking about kitchen design ideas and variants with peninsula. A peninsula of general form can be said that it is an island connected to one of the walls of the kitchen. They bring great benefits in terms of spaces as we will see. If you have a kitchen with a single peninsula form to change its design and a distribution in U. As we see in many photos the kitchen design ideas and models with the pen serve to separate many environments. In the usual way a pen is always one of the great additions to any kitchen.

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Its use is highly recommended when it comes to small kitchens as an island variant. In a small kitchen is located on an independent island in the center is limited to movement and space in general. With kitchen design ideas and variants of the peninsula there is a fluid communication between spaces.

Perhaps the main benefit of these sea kitchens is its usefulness. As with the islands there is a wide range of potential uses. Depending on the configuration you can use it as an extra storage area. There are several systems of drawers and cabinets that can be located on the peninsulas. They are perfect for keeping different utensils organized.

The kitchen design ideas and peninsulas that are added become an extra worktop. Our kitchen on the surface is what directly increases your possibilities. This extra worktop is ideal for food preparation. Otherwise just for light meals or breakfast. This storage feature is an opportunity to dislodge any fixtures in the kitchen.

The location of the peninsula is always protagonic and can explode to dislodge any decorative detail. These kitchen design ideas and the peninsulas themselves have extremely functional potential. Beyond storage spaces or use of countertops or bar can be used otherwise. As we see in many of the photos are exactly the peninsulas where they have found the sinks or the burners themselves.

This improves the so-called working triangle that increases the functionality of our kitchen. The effect of this distribution is resumed in a more efficient cleaning and more comfort at the moment of cooking. For the kitchen design ideas and the image of the peninsulas there are endless of finishes. Really the limit is our imagination and clear the budget. If you prefer a harmonious site the peninsula can hold the general design line of the whole kitchen.

It is an understandable solution since the peninsula is a connection that follows the line of the countertop or a wall. So you can create a uniform worktop with a similar design. All of the choices in kitchen design ideas and the peninsulas have finishes that can act as an interesting visual point. Sea by the contrast of the own material of the peninsula or adding other extras elements to the decoration.

Vases, vases or traditional bowls with fruits will fill your kitchen with color. However it is at your option to provide an extra working surface where the peninsulas stand out. So your decoration should include details that equally have a practical function. For the usual cases of lack of space can be the perfect replacement of a table.

Thanks to the stools then all the comfort is completed. From the distribution point of view, it is possible to achieve greater closeness if there are several areas near the kitchen. Especially when it comes to living rooms or dining rooms in an open housing plan. If you visualize as distant a kitchen design with peninsula can help create a greater balance.

However in kitchen design ideas to include this extension should start from an important point. These are the dimensions that you must have. As in the case of the islands a peninsula should favor a comfortable transit through the kitchen. A uniform balance must be followed with all the space around it. If this point is not respected the peninsula can simply become an obstacle.

Especially affecting an adequate movement from one area to another. One of the best ways to be interesting and practical at the same time is thanks to the combination of materials. In many of the proposals that we show evidence the use of marble or granite combined with wood. As well as quartz in many of the countertops. This is what creates unique effects.

It is precisely these attractive finishes that will help turn the peninsula into that focal point that we mentioned. To complete this modern or traditional image the lighting effect is basic. Kitchen design ideas and style lamps always counts. It is necessary to create a lighting that helps us to highlight certain points of our kitchen.

On the peninsula it will always be necessary to have several accents of light. If used as an extra area for much more food preparation. This is a factor that they share with the islands and is something that relates them. Having the advantage that there is a better use of space. Linking one side to a piece of furniture or wall makes the most of the storage.

Which makes them more suitable for small kitchens. Kitchen design ideas and variants from furniture can shape distributions in U. For online kitchens the peninsulas can be the solution to a bar. A moment ago we mentioned the possibility of connecting spaces and at the same time act as a separation. When it comes to kitchens near the living room, a very effective visual relationship is achieved.

With sufficient space the peninsula can be extended to create a dining room. Otherwise a different function according to our needs. This is an important detail that places them on the islands as it does not occupy the central space. While they maintain other of the features that we highlight. As a general rule kitchen design ideas and details of spaces are valid for spacious kitchens.

A peninsula is equally useful in a large kitchen. In fact they are a way to visually release these areas and recharge them less. Whether in a large kitchen or a small one its functionality is absolute. Whenever you want to save space are the right decision. Even more in a kitchen design that lacks practical countertops.

By way of summary we must then make clear some ideas regarding the kitchens with peninsula. The first point is that they are perhaps the best of open space solutions. As an example let’s take an open kitchen towards the living room in which the peninsula will be the separator of the two zones. In the same way they increase the useful area for work. Achieving a greater sense of space by having the free sides.

This makes it easier to place a piece of furniture for storage and the opposite side to be used for stools for a multifunctional bar. If it is a kitchen in U the peninsulas will allow a greater functionality. The corners are best used to integrate with furniture. As it is logical of equal form it is necessary to mention some points that can be negative in the case of the kitchens with peninsula.

If you compare the use of the upper space is usually lower. Unlike a kitchen with a distribution in L. In order to notice a greater balance and harmonize this detail the lamps are the best proposal. Pending models will never disappoint us. This point we mentioned above and has greater importance when used to eat.

If you use this top space with storage options it can be a little visually heavy. They should be placed in kitchens that allow them to be surrounded on all three sides. So in cases of small kitchens are applicable if they open to another space such as the living room or dining room. Under other conditions peninsulas are not very advisable. Generally speaking these kitchen design ideas and peninsulas are a practical option.

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A great idea if we want to combine the aesthetic and practical factor. We hope you are interested in the proposals of the images and serve as guide for a possible reform of your kitchen. Follow the photos until the end you will surely find a design that fits your style and personal taste.








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