Modern and Elegant Remodel Kitchen

When we put to remodel and to reform our casalo that more we hate is the moment of the works and of all the chaos that is formed in the interior. In this article we are going to talk about the remodel kitchen and we are going to show you photos of kitchens already remodeled.

The ideas that we are going to give you can do without works and you can get very modern interiors and elegant depending on your style.

Remodel kitchen ideas

In small-floor remodel kitchen the interior can consist simply of placing a wallpaper under the furniture and cabinets. In addition if you choose a wallpaper of colors that contrast or highlight the basic color of the interior you will also get a very original decoration. However, in small kitchens we recommend that the predominant color is white because it will open and fill with more light inside.

Another idea to remodel kitchen is to open them to the living room or living room. In this way, the kitchen will become an American type. However, you have to keep in mind that for that the works are inevitable. Instead, remodel kitchen by themselves can be accomplished by painting the wall underneath the cabinets in a lively and cheerful color. Also you can change the furniture especially if they are old or you have been using them for many years.

On the other hand, there are modern small kitchens in which the remodeling consists of adding a decoration to the wall. This decoration can be a panel that imitates the texture of some concrete material such as wood, for example. We advise that you always take into account the combination of the colors in the interior with the colors of the furniture.

Instead, in the larger kitchens you can use the same or other ideas to remodel the kitchen. In this case you have more free space and you can place some chairs of bright colors that can serve as decorative accents in the interior. However, for greater elegance and modernity we advise you to bet on dark smells, more specifically for the black color, which you can combine with other colors.

One of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves when we want to do a remodel kitchen is how to furnish my kitchen. There are very original furniture ideas that combine two colors or even two materials. In the photo above you can see that the furniture is wooden but the doors of the cabinets and drawers are white. In this case the wood plays the role of a background color and the white color stands out on it.

Instead, there are models of kitchens in which some furniture is one color and other furniture of other color. This option also allows you to create very modern and interesting kitchens. In addition if when doing the remodel kitchen paint the pardes a dark color the white color will again excel and create a kitchen with white accents.

On the other hand, in white kitchens the accents may be of other colors. We even advise that if your kitchen is white choose another color to create these decorative accents. Accents can be on cabinet doors and chairs. In this way the accents will be highlighted at the back of the kitchen and when looking at the table and chairs the accents will also stand out.

The remodeling of kitchens can be done in a modern and elegant way if you turn your kitchen into a place where black predominates. This color can be used for furniture and for the floor you can bet for a lighter color. In this way the furniture will stand out on the light floor of the floor. On the other hand, you can choose furniture with decorative accents included as you can see in the image above in which the wood is the accent of black furniture.

However, in rustic kitchens you can also add small details to fill it with modernity. You can choose some more original and unconventional textures for the furniture and you can add wooden beams on the ceiling. You can also combine different textures in your kitchen.

On the other hand, you can choose the option of using the same decorative detail for the furniture and other different decoration for the wall and the floor. In this way the remodeling of rustic kitchens will be very modern and original.







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