Painted kitchens with trendy colors – 50 ideas


Painted kitchens. In our article today we will present fifty examples of painted kitchens and we will also see what kind of paintings are most suitable for the kitchen walls. Do not miss the latest designs full of bright colors and soft finishes, rediscover the painting through these fabulous images.

Painted kitchens colors

Let’s start by listing some of the types of painted kitchens most often used in kitchens. In the first place, we can classify the paintings into two groups; Latex or oil based paints. Latex paint has a water base and excellent surface fastness. Their colors are intense and are better preserved, they also give off very little odor and can be cleaned only with soap and water.

Oil-based paints instead have a base of vegetable oil and also adhere to surfaces easily, however, their main disadvantage is that they are susceptible to the appearance of mold and their colors can eventually wear out. In relation to the type of surface and the properties of the painting, it can be classified in four other groups.

There are special anti-fungal paints, usually used on ceilings and walls of bathrooms and kitchens; Tile paints, ideal to renew the appearance of the ceramic without having to destroy it; The anti-slip paints that contribute a greater friction, and, finally, the photocatalytic paintings, that are able to decompose microorganisms and eliminate the malodor of the particles by means of a natural process provoked by the light.

There is not a fashionable color par excellence for kitchens, but very often appear intense cold tones with a matte finish. Blues, greens and blends of both are current colors and very pleasing to spaces of much use. In conclusion, the most modern painted kitchens of today are brimming with vibrant colors.

Painted kitchens images


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