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Today we have prepared a selection of fifty Pictures of modern kitchens. Here you can see some of the latest trends and choose a specific model or style for the kitchen design of your own home, we are sure you will love them.

Generally there are several very modern features in the most current kitchen design. We speak for example of the compact and functional furniture that adapts to the architecture of the space to be able to save from it. We will see that in many of the Pictures of modern kitchens appear the interconnected and open spaces, as we can see in the image of the top.

The picture above shows a kitchen design that is part of “The Vine House”, designed by the architect Charlie Luxton. The mixture of elements has achieved a very pleasant result in a minimalist style in which materials such as steel, oak or concrete have been used.

In previous articles we have already talked about the kitchen islands as well as the surfaces of their countertops. An island kitchen is already practically the most important element of the kitchen. In it there are multiple culinary activities depending on the compartments of which it has.

However, not all kitchens have space available to place an island, so that the larger countertops are part of other furniture or some table suitable for such uses. In any case it is very important that the worktop is made from high quality materials to ensure a long life.

We leave you with the rest of the pictures of modern kitchens so that you can compare them and choose the style of decoration and design most appropriate for your home. For more information on current trends in interior design, do not miss our future posts.

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