Red and white kitchens – discover the new trend of 2017

The red and white kitchens are trend this season. Whether we find the appearance of these two colors equitably or not, the combination of both forms a sophisticated environment and with the appropriate intensity for the kitchen, do not miss the tour of these images. The design we see in this image is quite current; Preent some elements of industrial style and a set of cabinets of white color that contrast on the wall of the dashboard in matte red.

Here, however, the notes of color are of a more muted red. The appearance of the design is rather minimalist, but it is true that red manages to bring character and elegance. Above we can see an original kitchen island with Corian red garnet surface that protrudes to give place to a small and practical dining table, it is a design of the most current.

We can appreciate here the environments that manage to form the different ranges of red; In this image the set of furniture has a clear laminated wood finish and matt lacquered lacquer, in this case in a somewhat lighter shade than the previous one. There will be those whom this scarlet red seems too gaudy, but in combination with the white and mosaic tiles of iridescent colors we have a modern kitchen and youthful appearance.

Going back to the main idea and regardless of the shade of red we choose, we will see some designs in which furniture play an essential role. Minimalism and simple forms are still present this year. Since the furniture is so simple and free of any decorations, nothing better than to highlight its appearance with a bright and deep red color.

Red is usually associated with passion and its unpleasant counterpart, rage. But as for food, it is usually associated with hunger and combination with other colors.
A red kitchen tile can bring that interesting accent that is so fashionable. If the kitchen is completely white, a red dashboard wall can give you that dramatic touch you are looking for.

In the image above we can see that red creates a warmer and more welcoming environment inside a black and white background. This set of red kitchen furniture is really ostentatious and not suitable for anyone; Only the bravest can dare to create such a colorful design. A kitchen full of red cabinets maintains an elegant and slightly subdued atmosphere, so that we can neutralize the atmosphere with some touches of gray or black. The idea of ??a red island placed in the middle of a completely white kitchen attracts us a lot, the look of the kitchen in this way becomes very interesting.

The combination of red and white kitchens goes wonderfully also in the designs of traditional and traditional kitchens. It is possible to create an atmosphere with these two colors without needing to reform the kitchen, just find the right accessories. The set of cabinets presented by red and white kitchen is two-color. Garnet red doors and drawers are glossy finish, while white are matte.

The furniture of this modern kitchen is an example of the look sought in the kitchens of 2017, minimalism, elegance and, above all, functionality. Stainless steel goes well with any color But why do you think the combination that forms with the color red? The beauty of the set of black, white and red does not cease here, we can create endless combinations. The kitchen that we see in this image shows us a set of red furniture on a gray background. The original of this design is that they have added glossy steel notes that form a pleasing combination with the background wall.

It is very true that the color white has become a color of today’s kitchens. The vast majority of decoration experts, as well as kitchen furniture designers, choose by this color to provide more modern or refined touch to this room of the house. And is that no person can deny that the white color contributes to the more minimalist style and adds elegance over any other tone. However, the truth is that nowadays are seen several designs in which, without stopping to use this king among the kings, begins to put patches of other colors. Tones alive and full of light.

There are very risky and daring colors like passion red or pistachio. And is that if something defines the color white is that is able to mix with any tonality that is put ahead. It is not necessary to give up the red furniture just for wanting to use the most flawless white color. However, it may not have the same effect if it is mixed with the brown color more muted or black.

In conclusion, do not hesitate and dare to transform your kitchen adding a touch of intense red, red and white kitchens, the result can be fantastic.

Red and white kitchen picture





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