Rustic kitchen, use of wood and stone to decorate

Style is one of the things that helps us define the personality of our interior and without the style it is very difficult to choose a decoration appropriate for the house. That is why in this article we are going to talk about a concrete style that we are going to mix with some of the features of the modern style. It is the rustic style in the rustic kitchen that you can combine with the modern style to create some original and elegant interiors.

You have to be very clear which are the materials that are used more for the rustic style and what are the features of the modern style to be able to combine them and to create balanced interiors. The materials that are most used to create the design rustic kitchens are the maera and the stone. The stone can also be replaced by the brick and different colors of the bricks. You can also choose a wood lighter or darker color but usually in the kitchens of rustic houses the light is quite sparse.

The brick can be used to decorate some of the walls as the wall of the dashboard and you can create a form of ark that combined with the red brick and classic will give you that rustic effect you are looking for. You can also opt for a rustic decoration such as pendant ceiling lamps that have a more traditional design or you can place some figures that remind the countryside.

On the other hand, the modern style is differentiated by the furniture and things that have a more impressive brightness and the design and texture of the furniture, the apredes and the floor. The decoration of the interior of rustic kitchen can also be modern details or with an elegant air and this way you will create a rustic and modern kitchens.

Instead, a table with a stone base and a wooden board will impact and look great on rustic kitchens. You can opt for wood of darker color for your table and for a lighter shades apra furniture. However, to introduce the modern and elegant details you can place some modern appliances and if you make a design embedded or integrated into the wooden furniture you will get a very original and stylish kitchen.

On the other hand, in modern rustic kitchens the modernity can come from the wood that you choose for the interior. A wood with darker decorations will give a very special and original touch to the kitchen especially if it expands throughout the interior. In addition the furniture will also help you to introduce the modern decorative features in the kitchen. In the photo above you can see a kitchen with a hanging shelf on the counter in which there are some candles placed. In this way the candles together with the pendant ceiling lamps increase the style and the elegance of the interior.

Another feature very characteristic of the rustic kitchen are the wooden beams that are placed in the ceiling to decorate the interior. You can opt for square beams or round ones that remind you of tree trunks. This way you will give a wild touch to the interior and of the beams you can leave hanging some lamps that combine with your interior.

On the other hand, in the rustic wooden kitchens that are American style the interior beams can also be placed in the dining room or in the living room. In this way you will complete the decoration of the interior of your house. You can also add other decorative details on the walls as in the picture above that are also rustic style.

On the other hand, in the larger kitchens you can place a table in the center with a marble surface that will also combine with the rustic interior of your kitchen. The carpets are also very typical of this style and you can use them to add more decoration. Instead, you can opt for more modern and elegant chairs to introduce the modern touch and increase the style.







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