Rustic kitchens with elegant and cozy designs

For those who wish to do a remodeling in their kitchen today we have an excellent proposal. These are the rustic kitchens and their design. As with all the style in these kitchens the rustic appearance should be in harmony with the functional ones.

– Open rustic kitchens, linear idea of ??the distribution

Although they are rustic kitchens each of the elements that make up as the refrigerator, the oven and others can not miss. With simple changes we will maintain an elegant space but with the freshness of rural spaces. Before beginning with the design of rustic kitchens we must take into account several.

– Open rustic coconuts with light shades and metal lamps

The first is space considerations to consider our design more closely. As well as the place where are the appliances that are essential in every kitchen. Another important aspect when it comes to kitchens in storage spaces. To be able to develop the daily activities in the kitchen they create the site for breasts, pots and a lot of utensils.

– Interesting design with wooden floor and elegant contemporary elements

It will always be necessary to have a place of storage that is basically accessible. As in other spaces the rustic kitchens reflect our personality in its design and decoration. In short with a kitchen remodel. A space that beyond the culinary activities sea a space of exchange or even entertainment.

The wooden furniture is an identity aspect of rustic kitchens

The reason is that rustic kitchens or of any style have become places of great importance in homes. So it is usual that we spend more time on it, especially and if it deals with open designs. Especially because it allows for more interaction with the guests while we cook. For their part, rustic kitchens are ideal and want to convey a cozy and traditional touch. As one of its main characteristics the use of materials is vital.

– Selection of white furniture perfect for a small space and luminosity

We refer to materials especially the natural ones such as stone, forge or wood with their special appearance. All these materials of set applied to any space of our home fill of personality the environment. If we prefer only some rustic details we can play with combinations of colors like green. As well as the use of modern decorative accessories that harmonize with style.

– Variant of design as far as the use of the wood in dark tones and the stone

The use of stone and wood may mean that it identifies this style. Excellent examples abound that reflect the identity design of the rustic. The wood above all can be applied to the furniture. They are the perfect base for the country details and that special traditional element. However, both materials can be combined and achieve excellent results. The stone on its part can form part of various structures such as the roofs of the walls or even the lighting of the floors.

– The lighting of the materials and give the cozy charm of rustic kitchens

As seen in some images concrete is often used in rustic kitchens. We can say that this is one of the latest trends in the design of kitchens of this type. By itself the concrete can be an element that does not believe much luminosity and a look the kitchen somewhat boring. Therefore it is most advisable to combine with other materials such as wood in clear light. Wooden furniture can be a perfect solution that give more life to the design.

– Different applications of forging elements in luminaires, shelves and extractor

Other materials can be applied to structures such as islands. In addition to looking great will make our kitchen more functional. In general, if you choose concrete, our rustic kitchen will have a more contemporary touch. Also the shades of this material will be able to work in terms of brightness and textures. Rustic work kitchens have a tendency toward industrialism that is common in many designs.

– A special design sample that combines the rocks in the walls

They are kitchens that in their decoration make a combination of cement, wood and stone. In these cases many modern elements can be used to make them more functional. When it comes to a modern rustic kitchen sometimes the industrial details are more in sight. It is a style that is very common and with extreme tones. On the one hand we can find designs based on the white with light furniture and other simply dark.

– A perfect selection of furniture with practical storage spaces

In the latter case the combination of grays and the use of black is usual. They are ideas that have a lot to do with the space of our home. A rustic kitchen in light tones will look best in a small space. The use of light colors is an ideal output if we want a greater sense of amplitude. If the space is wide then the dark colors and some details with stainless furniture will create a beautiful effect.

– The decoration with natural elements will fill the living space of the kitchen

For its part the white has a really impressive effect. The use of this color can not be separated from rustic kitchens by many factors besides the feeling of cleanliness. If we know how to combine white with an appropriate selection and distribution of furniture and appliances, the effect will be charming.

– Some rustic details in the design change the character of this contemporary kitchen

In essence, rustic style kitchens will always have the charm and freshness of rural environments. Although it is a modern space with small details, we can give our kitchen a country-side turn. Wicker baskets, flowers and the use of wood are some simple solutions that can transform the environment.

Rustic kitchens picture





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