Simple kitchens: the inspiration you need

Simple kitchen. In our gallery of images today we have prepared some original proposals of simple kitchen but at the same time very modern kitchens. More than a space for cooking and eating, in the kitchen is where all the action in the home takes place. We live in our kitchens. From entertaining guests to meeting up Saturday morning as a family, the kitchen is the true heart of the house.

Simple kitchen ideas

Whether you are renovating, redecorating or simply updating this space, consider the various design options before making any changes. The inspiration to transform this area can be found in these images of simple kitchen or by reading our practical and easy advice. You can use a monochrome palette while still adding interest and personality to the room.

A continuous pattern, in zigzag for example in black and white, running through the counter or the wall will be very original and unexpected. If you are short of cabinet space, consider hanging floating shelves to hold frequently used jars or show favorite accessories. Ready for some color? For an instant update, giving cabinets a new coat of paint is not a bad idea.

A pale shade of blue is an alternative that combines well with the white image of any elegant simple kitchen. Another option is to choose vibrant red furniture to make them stand out. If white furniture you love you can use colored tiles and combine or simply paint one of the walls a vibrant color. Use every inch of space for storage, so you’ll save space in a smart way.

For this you can buy a shelving unit or put some on the top of the wall that can hold dishes and serving pieces. For an unexpected decorative touch you can put original plates instead of the plates. You can warm up a white simple kitchen inviting different colors (gray, ivory, cream) and textures. The storage is maximized with a wall of cabinets, from floor to ceiling as seen in the images.

A kitchen that opens in the main living room can be a very interesting space to decorate. A large table is perfect to accommodate summer dinners, game nights, or even science projects. Keep the modern, casual and cool atmosphere with a black and white striped rug and hanging a large curtain. Now we let you review these photos of simple kitchens and inspire you.

Simple kitchen images





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