Small kitchen decoration with style and modernity

Small kitchen. You have a small kitchen and do not know how to make it look bigger. Today we have compiled 39 images that can inspire them in small kitchen decor and space saving tips. Maybe you have a large living room and spacious bedroom, but the kitchen is small. Those few square meters that the fridge, dishwasher, chairs and table should enter are simply not enough. So here are some solutions that will make your life easier and make your kitchen look bigger. The first rule is to arrange the furniture so that there is everything in this small space: furniture should open easily and not disturb our movements. Use the height of the kitchen to put the things that are used less often.

Small kitchen decor

Order is then fundamental to avoid a feeling of claustrophobia. In a small kitchen shelves can help to exploit the height space. Placing them on the wall in an original way will create a kind of space that can also be decorated with taste. You do not have to stuff things on the shelf since the effect will be even worse because the only thing you will have will be a mess.

You can put many products, such as teas, cookies, pasta, sugar and coffee, in glass jars or nice cans. In this way you will have a space decorated with good taste and leave with ease everything in order. Open wall cabinets such as grilles, plates and hanging rods are also an option. In this way, the effect will be lighter and can show all guests their favorite kitchen tools.

If you have a window a transparent curtains are the best option to allow you to enter as much natural light as possible in the kitchen. A bright kitchen will look bigger. If the window is not well positioned, in our images you will see ideas of kitchens illuminated with original LED bulbs. Warm materials such as wood, glass and steel will give a feeling of depth to the room.

Small kitchen images







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